Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Try, Try Again

Once upon a time, I had a blog. Two, actually. I started the first in October of 2009, after meeting Michelle Houts and being introduced to the world of book blogging. It fell apart after about one month and six posts. I just kind of... stopped. Toward the beginning of 2010 (I think April), a friend and I started a new one, which I thought would be a lot better. It was... for two or three months. It fell apart too. I then gave up on keeping my own and just faithfully read others' blogs. (Which I had already been doing. My point is more on the first part than the second.) But I kept wanting to write about books I had read and things that bloggers had posted. So, when 2011 came about, I decided to try again. A new identity (I was formally silverlining), a new blog (hopefully a better one), and a new list of books to be read (a good two pages). And so, I present to you, Innocently Dreaming, a (probably odd, hopefully good, and likely crazy) young adult book blog.

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