Monday, January 31, 2011

The Prefects' Bathroom

I'm sick. Like a lot of other people right now. Except unlike most of them (I'd imagine), I take baths when I'm sick. (Or if they do, they probably won't admit to it.) One thing I was thinking about while I was in my very small, doesn't-fit-me-properly bathtub was Harry Potter. More specifically, all the cool things they have in Harry Potter. As I was mulling over everything they have that we don't, I decided that if I could have three things from their world, I would go with a wand (of course), a broomstick (sadly, I cannot drive, so this would make life soooo much easier), and... the bathtub in prefects' bathroom. (For those of you who haven't read, don't remember it, or just want to read about it again, click here.)

You have no idea how appealing this looks.

I understand that that makes me super nerdy and I should have gone with the invisibility cloak or pumpkin juice or something else like that. I just love taking baths, and having an unendless supply of hot water, bubbles, and space sounds like heaven to me.

After all my thinking, I'm really curious as to what others' would pick. Let me know in the comments (or link me to it if you make your own post).

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