About Me

I've always hated writing about myself because I end up writing unnecessary, choppy, and idiotic things, and always say too much. But I figured I'd give it shot on this because, let's face it, who's going to be reading this anyway?

I, Lydia, am a sophomore in a small town in Ohio. I've got the boring, classic story going for me: average teenager who reads too much, so she decides to start a book blog. Online, I'm usually under the name goodnightmoon (sometimes with two t's, if I can't have one). My big loves are reading and music. Once upon a time, I thought I wanted to be an author, but then I realized that I don't write, I read. Combine that with my love of English, and you get my new life ambition: to be an editor. And with that, you basically know my whole life story.

In case anyone was wondering (probably not), Innocently Dreaming comes from a song by Tom Waits called Innocent When You Dream. I'm not very fond of the song itself, but I adore the lyrics.
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