Thursday, February 3, 2011

Scarlett Fever by Maureen Johnson (QR)

Title: Scarlett Fever
(Suite Scarlett #2)
Author: Maureen Johnson
Publisher: Point (Feb. 1, 2010)
(Spoilers in summary below, if you've not read SS#1. Highlight with caution.)
Faced with her family's financial woes, Scarlett has taken on the job of assistant/indentured servant to a newly minted theatrical agent, professional eccentric Mrs. Amy Amberson. Scarlett ends up at the beck and the call of a Broadway star (her own age!), dealing with territorial doormen, and walking a small dog with insecurity issues -- all while starting her sophomore year at one of New York's most rigorous high schools.* 


When I picked up Scarlett Fever, I was expecting a book I would like just as much as Suite Scarlett, and Maureen Johnson did not disappoint. To be honest, I could just direct you toward my review of Suite Scarlett, and you'd understand what I loved about Scarlett Fever as well. Full of craziness, Scarlett made me want (once again) to jump into the Martin family and hang out with the gang. 

Iffy Broadway shows, oddly nice siblings, and surprising plot twists? Definitely a book you should check out. Then again, who would expect less of a book dedicated to ABBA?

*summary is a partial from inside jacket

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